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UPCOMING Meetings & Events

The LWRP process relies on feedback and participation from a wide range of community members. Your ideas matter! Please continue to monitor this page to learn more about how you can stay involved in the planning process and share your insights about the future of Broome County's waterfront areas. Check out the events below for upcoming meetings and other engagement opportunities!

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Broome County has formed a Waterfront Advisory Committee (WAC) to help guide the Broome County LWRP planning process. The WAC is comprised of representatives from each municipality in Broome County, as well as stakeholders from a number of regional agencies and organizations, including Broome County Planning whom is leading this effort.  The WAC is responsible for attending quarterly meetings for updates on the LWRP process; helping to inform the project team about opportunities and local perspectives; providing feedback and direction on work products; and assisting with the promotion of public outreach events.  One-on-one meetings with many WAC members will supplement the outreach and communication process.


Meeting #3

WAC Meeting #3 

May 25, 2021

At the meeting, we provided an overview of challenges and opportunities within the Waterfront Revitalization Area, identified potential project types, and introduced representative examples of preliminary project recommendations.

Meeting #2

WAC Meeting #2 

February 16, 2021

At the meeting, we provided an overview of the existing conditions inventory and analysis, and identified potential waterfront opportunities. 

Meeting #1

WAC Meeting #1 

September 16, 2020


At the meeting, we provided an overview of the LWRP, the LWRP process, and key finding and opportunities, 


August 30, 2022

Stay tuned for the meeting summary.

February 22, 2021
AUGUST 4, 2021
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